This site is intended to be a user-friendly, nonpartisan voter guide that lists every candidate on Tarrant County (Texas) ballots, from local and state offices to the US Congress.  It is intended to help voters make informed choices between candidates. No statements within this guide are intended to be endorsements of any individual candidate or political party.

Note: We’re in the process of collecting answers from candidates to specific questions we ask them.  If you don’t see a Q&A section, or responses there, check back later.  We’re constantly updating this site!

Finding specific races and candidates

You have three options.
[Note: This section is being updated.  Check back soon!]

Hover over the “November 2019 Election” link in the shaded main menu bar, then drill down to the type of election, and then the specific race.
Use the “Voting Quick Reference” menu in the sidebar to select the race. At any level, you’ll find a page with links to help you navigate to the race you want.
Use the search box in the sidebar under “Looking for someone or something specific?” The results show specific pages to click on.

For a full discussion about how to navigate the site, check out Using This Guide.

March 3, 2020 primary election dates

First day to apply for ballot by mailTuesday, January 1
Last day to register to vote
(received or postmarked)
Monday, February 3
First day of in-person early votingTuesday, February 18
Last day to apply for ballot by mail
(received date, not postmarked)
Friday, February 21
Last day of in-person early votingFriday, February 28
Last day ballots by mail accepted
(received or postmarked)
Tuesday, March 3

(by 7:00 PM if carrier envelope is not postmarked)