School Board Trustee

Job descriptionSchool boards are the governing bodies of their school districts. Term is three years.
DutiesSets district goals and priorities
Adopts and reviews district policies
Publish annual educational performance report
Hires and evaluates district superintendent
Adopts district budget and monitors district finances
Approves tax rate
Annual salaryUnpaid; reimbursed for official expenses.
MeetingsMonthly board meetings; special meetings called as needed.

Place 1 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Polly Walton (incumbent)

The funding system for Texas public schools is broken. The courts have said this. Change needs to happen at the state level or else the AISD will very soon be spending down its fund balance (savings) to maintain the status quo, and employee raises will become very difficult to afford. I will continue to lobby our state legislators for more funding for our public schools.As a retired AISD Teacher, I am uniquely qualified. Forty years of working in and with the AISD as a teacher, teacher leader, and parent, has given me experience of how schools and our district operates. As a teacher leader for forty years, I attended and observed hundreds of AISD school board meetings, helped elect many school board members, and worked with the past nine AISD superintendents in an effort to improve working conditions and the culture of our district.
Luis Castillo

Email: If elected to this office, my top priority is to be a strong advocate towards adding police officers at all of the school district’s elementary schools. Presently the school district’s high and middle schools have a police officer (School Resource Officer – SRO) assigned to their campus. The world has changed and the school district’s governing body need to come to the realization that elementary schools where the most innocent and vulnerable lives are at are unprepared to deal with the worst case scenario – a school shooter. We must not and cannot leave so many innocent lives to chance.I am the best qualified candidate because of my well-rounded professional and life experiences. Presently, I am a Security Area Adviser for a large urban school district where I oversee eight Title I safety/security needs. I have been a public contractor administrator, budget analyst, infrastructure management administrator, and a police officer (street cop) for nine years in a large rough urban city. I am an honorably discharged veteran (U.S. Marine Corps) and my community service is extensive. I am educated with a Bachelor’s degree in Government & Politics, a Master’s in Public Affairs, and Paralegal Studies.

Place 2 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Kristen N. Hudson (incumbent)FB:
Melody Fowler


Place 3 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Roger DeFrangFB:
Aaron Reich (incumbent)

If re-elected to this servant leader role, my top priority is to continue the focus, at all times, on driving student achievement in our district which has a 70% economically disadvantaged population. This is done through providing unparalleled access to opportunities that add to the educational experience and provide the safest and secure environment which is relevant and engaging for today’s learner. This is accomplished through effective governance which ultimately leads to efficient and innovative practices that result in recruiting, rewarding and retaining the best educators/teachers, providing support systems for them, maintaining strong budgetary control and amazing student outcomes. Current officeholder, was originally elected in 2009, I am the current Board President. Background in policy, education, strategic planning, business owner, 2 children who are successful products of AISD. Founder of non-profit dedicated to parental and fatherhood involvement. Invited faculty and guest speaker on local, state, and national levels on various education and healthcare topics. Legislative advocacy leader for the district, working with legislators and local elected officials to aid/enhance public education. Have helped: lead student achievement gains, career tech center, fine arts and athletics to new levels, student access to increased opportunity districtwide. Demonstrated results in teacher support , fiscal stewardship.

Place 5 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Justin Chapa (incumbent)

The Arlington ISD has had an unexpected decline in enrollment that, although somewhat small in size, will negatively affect the AISD’s budget going forward if not remedied soon. The AISD has been studying the causes for this enrollment decline and must continue working to make the District the preferred education choice for parents. Relatedly, the District must find ways to maintain competitive compensation packages for its employees and to provide excellent educational opportunities for its students, despite looming school finance and budget difficulties at the State level.My experience in education, law, and the community makes me the most qualified candidate for Place 5. Before law school, I taught 12th Grade Government and Economics in Brownsville ISD. As an attorney, I navigate complex legal and policy issues like those Trustees frequently encounter on the school board. I am an Arlington native, AISD product, and AISD parent. And finally, I have a strong record of community involvement, having served on numerous AISD citizen committees and the boards of groups like United Way of Tarrant County, the AISD Education Foundation, the Arlington Public Library Foundation, and Leadership Arlington.
Hunter Crow


LOCAL CONTROL: I know that decisions for schools are best made by local parents, teachers, and administrators. I will work for local control so that stakeholders are able to make decisions and place resources in those areas that will improve outcomes for the students and families served.I am qualified because I believe that the Arlington ISD board could really benefit from my experiences specifically in Records management & processing and I can get almost any job done quickly and I'm good at memorizing information or familiarize myself with issues that our affecting local public education.