School Board

Job descriptionSchool boards are the governing bodies of their school districts. Term is three years.
DutiesSets district goals and priorities
Adopts and reviews district policies
Publish annual educational performance report
Hires and evaluates district superintendent
Adopts district budget and monitors district finances
Approves tax rate
Annual salaryUnpaid; reimbursed for official expenses.
MeetingsMonthly board meetings; special meetings called as needed.

Place 1 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Leslie Carruthers (incumbent)

My top priority if re-elected to the Kennedale School Board is the kids and to continue offering them the best at KISD. We have many wonderful schools, programs, and extra curricular activities that are offered in Kennedale. I believe we compete and exceed in nearly every area compared to other 4A schools, however, we are still looking for ways to do better and improve. I will focus on giving our educators the tools they need to help all our students succeed. Kennedale ISD has great things to offer our kids and my priority will always be the kids.There are several reasons why I am the best candidate for this job. One, I am an educator. I have taught in the classroom and in our Kennedale schools for many years. I have first hand experience with the many things our schools need to succeed. I can give a unique perspective when discussing curriculum, budget, and other issues. Second, I have kids that have been in the schools. Both started KISD in Kindergarten, and one just graduated from KHS and the other is a Freshman at KHS. This means I am very much involved in the schools.
Deborah Harris
My priorities are the following:
Ensure high quality education in a safe and secure environment for students and employees
Increase student awareness and participation in Pre-AP and dual credit courses
Support learning environments that support lifelong learning to close gaps in educational performance
Develop proactive measures to address teacher shortages and teacher preparation for the classroom
Provide a voice for parents, students, and community
Texas Association of School Board – Master School Board Trustee
Previous classroom teaching experience
Previous administrative experience as a (Specialist, Assistant Principal, TEKS Coordinator, Curriculum Director,)
University faculty member in Educational Leadership and Administration
Concern for the success and needs of Kennedale ISD students
Knowledge of public school education, policies, and affairs Proactive leadership skills
Knowledge of educational research and effective teaching practices

Education Background (30 plus years of experience in education)
BS Education – University of Texas at Austin
Master of Science, Health Education – Texas Women’s University
Master of Science, Education Administration – Texas A& M Commerce
Doctorate- Educational Administration, Public Policy, Cooperative Superintendency Program – UT Austin

Place 2 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Julie Webb (incumbent)FB:
Daniel MedinaEmail:

Place 3 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Joe Taylor (incumbent)

My top priority aligns with the mission of KISD, - to provide opportunities for academic excellence. We’ll continue developing more opportunities for students in a safe and supportive environment, supporting educators with excellent pay, partnering with families, and representing the community members. We’ll develop more partnerships with colleges for college credit classes, more career and tech opportunities for students not college bound, and programs to support special needs. Continued development of relationships with leadership statewide has benefitted KISD and through those relationships I’m advocating for a youth activity center, less high-stakes testing, and lower property taxes via proper state funding.Proven Experienced Leadership – Trusted, Respected, Engaged, Hard Worker
Trustee since 2000, while KISD has become a top Texas 4A district
Proficient in the Trustee’s role for good governance and business of a district
Over 250 hours of government specific training
Representing KISD on Kennedale Area Chamber of Commerce board, School Board Advocacy Network, Kennedale Rotary Club
Well-established working relationships with city, county, and state leadership
Business owner - extensive experience in buildings and real estate, finances, insurance, and personnel
Involved for the right reasons, - without hidden agendas
Endorsed by all current board members and Kennedale Citizens for Good Government
Michael StrangeFB: