School Board

Job descriptionSchool boards are the governing bodies of their school districts. Term is three years.
DutiesSets district goals and priorities
Adopts and reviews district policies
Publish annual educational performance report
Hires and evaluates district superintendent
Adopts district budget and monitors district finances
Approves tax rate
Annual salaryUnpaid; reimbursed for official expenses.
MeetingsTwice monthly board meetings; special meetings called as needed.

Place 1 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Josh Wright (incumbent)Email:

Place 2 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Mark Schluter (incumbent)Email:

Place 7 Candidates (open seat)

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Stephen R. Janis

My top priority is school funding. With the loss of funding from the state of Texas, it is imperative to find other potential funding sources. We cannot simply look to cutting costs as a means to overcome this issue. We live in a highly competitive area where a strong educational base is essential. We must not let the lack of funds impact the hiring of teachers, providing educational tools, or affect school security. I would like to see a greater effort working with the local growing business community in helping to answer our needs.My experience in handling growth and development in the real estate industry gives me the experience of dealing with the issues that the School District is facing. My background in finance and strategy allows me to have a better understanding of creative ways we can overcome our financial issues. I take a forward-looking approach not just being concerned with the here and now. I believe every statement of outcome should have a plan behind it. The decisions I make not only impact my family but my extended family that live in and attend schools in the district.
Ron Hastings

My top priority, if elected to the Place 7 of the NISD Board, would be to make sure all students are safe at school. I believe that each campus must constantly audit and adjust, as needed, to maintain a high level of security and safety. The District must look for ways to provide for all inclusive campus security.My background as an educator at both the campus and District level, provided me with skills and knowledge, that helps me understand the inner workings of a school district. I have served on long term planning committees both as a community member and school employee. I have been involved in staffing formulas, curriculum development, and budget creation. I believe, that I bring to the table skills that no other candidate possesses, which will give me the ability become a productive board member immediately.
Joy C. Harrison

Northwest ISD is in a rapid growth spurt while facing funding cuts. We as a district will need an outside the box, innovative, creative decision making process to resolve the challenges. We also need to insure that student’s safety and well-being are being addressed and prioritized. Choose Joy, I come to the table with Leadership, adaptability, and commitment. Thirty plus years of experience working with organizations and programs directly related to children and youth. Seven plus years volunteering within Northwest ISD. Experience in the areas needed; budgeting and finance, personnel, programs and policies, curriculum, scheduling, and public speaking plus more.
Matthew Hirst

We owe every Northwest ISD student a lifelong love of learning, which is created and cultivated together by parents and teachers. My overall agenda and goals include school safety, protecting and building reading programs, ensuring that we’re the employer of choice for our area’s most committed and creative teachers, giving our teachers the resources and other support they need to deliver more differentiated learning, ensuring that financial resources are focused on students and teachers, and preventing or minimizing the operational and administrative complexities that interfere with delivering exceptional learning in every classroom.As children, the most successful adults were given unconditional care, happy memories, enduring values, and the love of learning that comes from an exceptional education. With creative, committed, and courageous district leaders, our teachers will deliver such a legacy for their students. I have over 25 years of related experience in education, business operations, organizational effectiveness, corporate communications, and talent strategy. My education includes undergraduate degrees in management and finance, a Master of Science in management and leadership, a doctoral level Educational Specialist degree in educational leadership, and I am finishing a Ph.D. dissertation now in organizational psychology.