Election day for the 2018 Primary Election Runoffs is May 22.  See the Election Calendar for all dates.

Scroll through this page to see candidates and Q&A for these Republican Party runoffs:

  • District Judge, 342nd Judicial District
  • County Probate Court Judge, Court 1
  • County Tax Assessor-Collector
  • Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4
  • Justice of the Peace, Precinct 6
  • United States Representative, District 6

District Judge, 342nd Judicial District

Pat Gallagher

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Kimberley Fitzpatrick

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County Probate Court Judge, Court 1

Patricia Cole

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Chris Ponder

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Twitter: @ponderforjudge


County Tax Assessor-Collector

Mike Snyder

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Twitter: @MSnyder4TCTAC
Wendy Burgess

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Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

Christopher “Chris” Gregory

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Twitter: @chrisgregory4jp
Jacquelyn Wright (incumbent)

Candidate Q&A

Note: Candidate answers are shown alphabetically by last name.

What was your most recent occupation before becoming Justice of the Peace? Educational background?

Christopher “Chris” Gregory: I am an honored and proud 14-year public servant in law enforcement within Precinct 4.

I graduated high school in River Oaks, Texas and am a lifetime resident of Precinct 4. I am a Tarrant County College graduate of the Police Academy-Peace Officer training program, and have expanded my education with earning; Mental Health Officer Certification, Ethics for Law Enforcement, Ethical Behavior for Local Government, Court Hearings & Testimonies, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil & Criminal Investigations, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Traffic Law, Citations & Penal Code Offenses, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Justice, Child Abuse/Endangerment/Prevention, Credit Card Fraud Investigations, Racial Profiling, Arrest, Search, and Seizure Warrants, Human Behavior, Advanced Human Trafficking, Abuse & Diversion of Prescription Drugs, Drug Identification Training, Background Investigation/Interviewing, Crisis Intervention Training, Evidence Collection, Crime Prevention, and Community Policing.

Jacquelyn Wright: Before I was hired to be the JP4 Justice of the Peace, I earned my CPIM and was employed by one of the Holt Hickman companies in purchasing, and production/inventory control management. I was trained in negotiations and contract law. I am now a graduate of the Special Courts Jurisdiction College at the National Judicial College.

What experience makes you the best qualified candidate for this office?

Christopher “Chris” Gregory: My drive, determination, and dedication to serving people and my community are what qualifies me to be the next Justice of the Peace. I have a servant’s heart. For the past 14 years, I have served as a public servant in law enforcement in precinct 4. I have worked diligently to ensure the safety of its citizens while maintaining an honorable code of ethics and integrity. Throughout my many years of service, I have been very active in the community and precinct, long before I started on the campaign trail. Working the front lines and speaking with residents. I feel strongly that I have a clear understanding of the issues and concerns of the citizens in our precinct.

I believe strongly in the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and I care about people and their right to due process. As a public servant for the last 14 years, I know the elements required to issue criminal arrest warrants, search warrants, civil process, subpoenas, and death classifications. I have the knowledge to determine if probable cause exists and setting bonds for those arrested. Though a Justice of the Peace hears only Class C misdemeanors, they must have knowledge of all criminal and civil laws to ensure they are making the correct decision when issuing search warrants, arrest warrants, emergency protective orders, evictions, etc. I have both the training and knowledge. I understand and believe that the people need a fair and honest resolution to the difficulties they face with any civil disputes.

Lastly, although our community (precinct) has changed over the years, much has stayed the same. We still value hard work and fairness. We still have compassion for our neighbors while appreciating the importance of following and enforcing the law. Those are the values along with; integrity, ethics, fairness, and commitment to serve the people that I will bring to the Justice of the Peace court. I offer my history of service to our community and my expertise as a public servant and would be honored to have your vote.

Jacquelyn Wright: Experience: I’ve had 28 years of on the job experience; in civil law, criminal law, and administrative law. Plus every year, continuing education from the Texas Justice Court Training Center at Texas State University, the Tarrant Bar Association, the National Judicial College and other various agencies and entities. I’ve even served an instructor for the Texas Justice Court Training Center and as a mentor to other judges across the area. None of my opponents have any of that kind of experience, knowledge or training.
I ethically and efficiently manage each year, roughly 8400 cases of all different kinds, and $915,000 in revenue.

What percentage of your campaign donations come from individuals? What percentage comes from PACs?

Christopher “Chris” Gregory: 80% Percent of my campaign contributions comes from Individuals.  20% Percent comes from PACS.

Jacquelyn Wright: Contributions: Roughly 40% of my campaign contributions come from individual donations. I pay about 60% out of my own pocket. I do not take PAC contributions. I’m elected to serve not represent. PACs have nothing to gain from supporting the judge of Your People’s Court.
I follow the Code of judicial Ethics and Conduct (you can find them on my web page jp4Wright.com). I believe it is my job to lend a helping hand when I can, to rule with an iron fist when called for, and to give everyone a fair shake…always!

As a Justice of the Peace, do you plan to perform weddings? What factors would you consider before performing a wedding ceremony?

Christopher “Chris” Gregory: It is my Christian belief that marriage is between a man and woman. I will not perform same-sex marriages. If it were to come down to officiating marriages for all or not officiating any marriages, I will elect not to officiate any marriages.  As Justice of the Peace, it is my strong belief that my time is to work for the citizens. My primary focus will be on court hearings and serving the citizens of  Precinct 4.

Jacquelyn Wright: Weddings? Two things:
I believe that we are all God’s children. Why he makes us different, I cannot say. But then there are many things I will never understand about why things are the way they are. It is not my place to question or doubt what God has done. I treat everyone who comes into your courtroom with dignity and respect.
I took an oath, to faithfully execute the duties of the office and to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and the laws of this state and of the United States. I will not break the law.
So, in answer to your question, the only factor I consider is, are they in compliance with the law.


Justice of the Peace, Precinct 6

Jason Charbonnet

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Chris Garcia

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Twitter: @CGarciaforJP


United States Representative, District 6

Ron White

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Twitter: @ron4congress
J.K. “Jake” Ellzey

Twitter: @JakeEllzey