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Justice for #AtatianaJefferson – Part 2

October 22 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm CDT

CALL TO ACTION: **Sign up, show up, and speak up, Tuesday night at the city council meeting! HUNDREDS showed up at the last meeting, but HUNDREDS were also turned away and LOCKED OUT of the building, because they were not on the list to speak. NOT THIS TIME! ***We are calling on EVERYONE planning to attend, to actually SIGN UP to speak during citizens presentations. Don’t just be a spectator. Take 3 minutes to take up space for justice. If you are scared to speak publicly, don’t be! You have an army of support standing with you! There is nothing to fear. We are in this together and we will be heard. The way we were treated by Mayor Price and the city marshals last week was UNACCEPTABLE. Our speech was unfairly policed, and there was NO PLAN in place to make sure that everyone was heard or even given the chance to hear their peers — even though massive crowds were expected. The only thing they prepared for was a riot… which never happened. Once again, OVER policing was the only tool in their tool belt. That’s why we are coming back in greater force to continue to say, #WeDontFeelSafe in Fort Worth, and to reiterate our demands (see below). Tuesday night the floor is yours and you can speak freely during citizens presentations. **** PLEASE follow the following instructions to sign up to speak:

1. You must be signed up by 5pm on Tuesday in order to speak. You do not have to be a Fort Worth resident to speak. You can start signing up to speak now, at this link:

2. Make sure that you check the box marked “individual”. This allows you 3 minutes to speak. We want as many individuals as possible to sign up and use those three minutes. We are taking back the time that was stolen from us last week.

3. Before you hit ‘submit’ make sure you scroll down and read the instructions… just incase you have electronic media or a power point presentation that you would like to use during your presentation. Those must be submitted by 3pm.

4. Once you hit submit, take a picture or a screen shot of your speaker confirmation page that pops up. It will include a confirmation number. Bring this picture with you to the meeting as proof that you signed up to speak… just in case.

5. **Extra Credit. Cavile public housing projects, located in Stop Six and Gyna Bivens District 5, are being torn down and the current residents are being relocated. Community groups have been holding the city accountable to make sure current residents are being treated fairly in this transition. And it is our knowledge that all of them will be given an opportunity to come back to Cavile once the new builds are complete. Sign up to speak on this agenda item to make sure that the community’s input remains a part of this plan and grant application:

Full agenda:

We will see you Tuesday night! Please share!

Also: Everyone, please continue to echo our demands with us, via email, phone, and in person. Make an appointment with your representative. Get on their schedule and let them hear from you any way you can.

These are our current demands for local government regarding the murder of #AtatianaJefferson (updated 10/16/19 4:35pm):

1. WE DEMAND that Interim Chief Krause appoint one of the following attorney’s to oversee a third party INDEPENDENT criminal investigation into the murder of Atatiana Jefferson: Terri Moore, Albert Roberts, Roseanne Salinas, or Mike Heiskel

2. WE DEMAND Interim Chief Kraus release the full unedited body cam footage from ALL officers on the scene where Atatiana Jefferson was murdered

3. WE DEMAND the names of ALL officers on the scene at the time of Atatiana Jefferson’s murder be released and that they be fully investigated and properly disciplined for violation of department policy and procedures

4. WE DEMAND Interim Chief Kraus bring further charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment against Aaron Dean

5. WE DEMAND Effective Independent Community-Driven Police Oversight, and the convening of the preliminary working group plan, as outlined by the Tarrant County Coalition for Community Oversight

6. WE DEMAND that public safety be made a priority by divesting money from the police budget, and investing in our communities through affordable housing, living wages, affordable robust public transportation systems, and extensive quality of life improvements to usher in revitalization without gentrification, in every historically neglected neighborhood in this city

7. WE DEMAND that the City of Fort Worth create alterative, non-police response teams to address welfare checks, mental health calls, and non-critical instances

8. WE DEMAND written Police Policy that full unedited body camera footage of police shootings, deaths in custody, and all complaints of police misconduct and excessive force, be publicly released within 24 hours of the incident

9. WE DEMAND Mayor Price & City Council fire top city executives: City Mngr. David Cooke & Asst City Mngr. over police, Jay Chapa, for mismanagement and corruption

10. WE DEMAND that the city council add the following ballot measure to the next uniform election: Repeal Texas Government Code 143 for the Fort Worth Police Department

11. WE DEMAND that the city of Fort Worth address the SYSTEMIC problem within the CULTURE of its police department, given there have been MULTIPLE unjustified cases of excessive and deadly force

Contact Information for Fort Worth Officials:

Interim Fort Worth Police Chief, Ed Kraus

Fort Worth Mayor and City Council Members:

Atatiana’s Councilwoman District 8, Kelley Allen Gray

Dist 5

Dist 7

Dist 4

Dist 6

Dist 2

Dist 9

Dist 3

Mayor, Betsy Price

City Manager, David Cooke
office 817-392-6115 cell 817-889-0512

Assistant City Manager over the Police Department, Jay Chapa


October 22
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Tarrant County Coalition for Community Oversight
United Fort Worth
Next Generation Action Network


Fort Worth City Hall (City of Fort Worth)
200 Texas St
Fort Worth, TX 76102 United States
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