City Council

Job descriptionThe Council is the city’s governing body. Term is two years.
Descripción del trabajoEl Consejo es el órgano rector de la ciudad. El plazo es de dos años.
DutiesEnacts city laws and ordinances
Determines city policies
Adopts city budget
Appoints city manager to administer city government
DeberesPromulga leyes y ordenanzas municipales
Determina las políticas de la ciudad
Adopta el presupuesto de la ciudad
Nombra a un administrador de la ciudad para que administre el gobierno de la ciudad

Annual salaryReimbursed for official city expenses.
Salario anualReembolsado por gastos oficiales de la ciudad.
MeetingsCouncil meetings monthly; special meetings called as needed.
Reuniones del consejo mensuales; reuniones especiales llamadas según sea necesario.

Place 1 Candidates

CandidateCampaign LinksWhat is your top priority if elected to this office?Why are you the best qualified candidate for this office?
Lee W. Griffin6400 Heather, Watauga, TX 76148
Scott Prescher
My top priorities are (1) communication, (2) lower taxes, (3) and common-sense solutions. The city government must have open and honest communication with all members of our Watauga Family. City Hall does not exist to make people “understand” things, but should be there to interact, listen, reach out, and respect the dignity of each person. Watauga has the 25th highest property tax rate in Tarrant County and some of the highest water rates. These must be lowered! When common-sense says something seems off, ask questions. Let’s use the sense God gave us to build a future together.If I count mowing yards, I have been working since I was 8 years old. I put myself through college and have a bachelors in business, masters in theology, and a juris doctorate. I have the education and real-world experience needed to understand complicated budgets, contracts, and any state/federal laws that would apply to city government. I am not running for myself, but was asked by many members of our Watauga Family to run. I love my community and its people. I have never been intimidated by anyone and will never be afraid to ask needed tough questions.
Jared ThompsonEmail:
Andrew W. WomackEmail: andrew.w.womack@gmail.comMy top priority for the City of Watauga, is to creatively increase revenue by not increasing taxed and creating a burden of debt for the future citizens of this great city. As young professional with a very open mind, I have a lot of ideas that can keep this city popular and grow revenue without having to increase taxes in the citizens when the city government stagnates. My critical thinking and expansive creativity set me apart from my opponents. Also, to revamp some of the areas that are dated, and to help update those to help increase property values.I am the best qualified for this position because of my open mind, my background, and my love for this city. I will be able to use my skills to come up with creative ideas to help save this city money, and bring in creative means of revenue. My willingness to listen to all concerns of the citizens and not just the one who have the same ideas as I do. I want to challenge myself, and other council members to do the best for the city. I believe the citizens are who need to heard and I will be their voice.
RECENT NEWS ARTICLES“City’s website posted incorrect polling details for voters Nov. 6 in ‘disturbing’ error,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Oct 5, 2018)