Kennedale City Council

Job descriptionThe Council is the city’s governing body. Term is two years.
DutiesEnacts city laws and ordinances
Determines city policies
Adopts city budget
Appoints city manager to administer city government
Annual salaryPaid $1.00 for Council meetings attended; reimbursed for official city expenses. For more details, contact the Kennedale City Secretary at 817-985-2104 or email
MeetingsMonthly council meetings; special meetings called as needed.


Who’s Running?

Note: Open seat

Josh AltomFB:

Candidate Q&A

Jeff Nevarez
My first focus is to get bureaucracy out of the way of business growth and development. We have spent a decade trying to clean up our cities image to entice developers and that time has finally arrived. Secondly, we need to raise revenue or the sales tax base to prevent our city from going into the red by 2021. The current council has put us on the road to bankruptcy to fulfill campaign promises. This is mismanagement and a dangerous road that we have started to walk. Third, I will continue to promote a project I started while serving on the Park's Board. The planning for a sports complex in Kennedale. This will allow us to hold tournaments at the baseball fields and have the park maintenance be self-funding. Fifth, I will continue to Direct community functions to inspire unity. I created Kennedale's Concert in the Park to support the local food bank and I am looking forward to moving this to an all-day event. Lastly, Our police department needs another officer immediately. On most nights during the week, we have 2 officers on staff. If one of those officers makes an arrest, then that leaves us one officer.
Mi primer enfoque es sacar a la burocracia del crecimiento y desarrollo de las empresas. Hemos pasado una década tratando de limpiar la imagen de nuestras ciudades para atraer a los desarrolladores y ese momento finalmente ha llegado. En segundo lugar, necesitamos aumentar los ingresos o la base impositiva sobre las ventas para evitar que nuestra ciudad entre en números rojos para 2021. El consejo actual nos ha puesto en el camino a la bancarrota para cumplir las promesas de la campaña. Esto es mala gestión y un camino peligroso que hemos empezado a caminar. Tercero, continuaré promoviendo un proyecto que comencé mientras prestaba servicio en la Junta del Parque. La planificación de un complejo deportivo en Kennedale. Esto nos permitirá realizar torneos en los campos de béisbol y hacer que el mantenimiento del parque se autofinancie. Quinto, continuaré dirigiendo las funciones de la comunidad para inspirar la unidad. Creé el Concierto en el Parque de Kennedale para apoyar al banco local de alimentos y estoy ansioso por pasar esto a un evento de todo el día. Por último, nuestro departamento de policía necesita otro oficial inmediatamente. La mayoría de las noches durante la semana, tenemos 2 oficiales.
Josh Altom
Jeff Nevarez
I have served Kennedale for 10 years. I have served the county, the State of Texas, and The United States on boards and committees. I am the most qualified candidate and I have more knowledge of what has been going on with the city's plan.
Local Small Business Owner
Former Ambassador and long-time Member of the Chamber of Commerce
Guest Speaker for Events all over the world for Technology Expertise
Founder, Arlington’s Teen Court
Kennedale’s Art & Culture Board Member (1 term) 100% Attendance
Kennedale’s Park Board Member (Current, 3 terms) 100% Attendance
Kennedale’s BBB/BOA Member (Current, 4 terms) 100% Attendance
Member of Kennedale’s Historic Society
Director & Sergeant-in-Arms for Kennedale’s Rotary Club
Hispanic Advisory Committee for Congressman Joe Barton
Future Advisory Committee for Congressman Ron Wright
Delegate for the Texas Republican Convention SD10
Founder/Director of Kennedale’s Concert in the Park (Current, 3 years)
Director of Entertainment for Kennedale’s Art in the Park (2 terms)
Parade Director for Kennedale’s Texas Independence Day Parade (5 Years)
Director of Parking Logistics for Colonial Golf Tournament (8 years)
UTA Alumni
Teacher for Kennedale’s Senior Citizen Class for Computers
Blue Banquet Sponsor for 2019
Broken Arrow Boyscout
He servido a Kennedale por 10 años. He servido al condado, al estado de Texas y a los Estados Unidos en juntas y comités. Soy el candidato más calificado y tengo más conocimiento de lo que está sucediendo con el plan de la ciudad. Propietario de una pequeña empresa local Ex embajador y antiguo miembro de la Cámara de Comercio. Ponente invitado para eventos en todo el mundo para expertos en tecnología Fundador de la Corte de Adolescentes de Arlington Miembro de la Junta de Arte y Cultura de Kennedale (1 período) 100% de asistencia Miembro de la Junta de Kennedale's Park (actual, 3 términos) 100% de asistencia Miembro de BBB / BOA de Kennedale (actual, 4 términos) Asistencia 100% Miembro de la Sociedad Histórica de Kennedale Director y Sargento de Armas del Club Rotario de Kennedale Comité Asesor Hispano para el Congresista Joe Barton Futuro Comité Asesor para el Congresista Ron Wright Delegado para la Convención Republicana de Texas SD10 Fundador / Director del Concierto de Kennedale en el parque (actual, 3 años) Director de Entretenimiento para el Arte en el Parque de Kennedale (2 términos) Director del desfile para el desfile del día de la independencia de Texas
Josh Altom
Jeff Nevarez
Our only path to not raising the property tax is to allow development of retail space while also allowing more rooftops to be built in Kennedale. We are a property tax based city and it is NOT ENOUGH! We need retail space and more importantly, we need citizens to shop in Kennedale. If I am elected, I will champion a Shop in Kennedale day to promote local businesses.
Nuestro único camino para no aumentar el impuesto a la propiedad es permitir el desarrollo de espacios comerciales y, al mismo tiempo, permitir que se construyan más techos en Kennedale. Somos una ciudad basada en impuestos a la propiedad y no es suficiente! Necesitamos espacio comercial y, lo que es más importante, necesitamos que los ciudadanos compren en Kennedale. Si soy elegido, defenderé una tienda en el día de Kennedale para promover negocios locales.
Josh Altom
Jeff Nevarez
From my understanding, the percent will be closer to 4% and will not affect smaller towns like ourselves. However, the Council should address this by creating a positive environment for the development of retail space and new housing. This will allow us to switch to a more retail-based budget. We must take advantage of the growth DFW is experiencing right now.
A mi entender, el porcentaje estará más cerca del 4% y no afectará a las ciudades más pequeñas como nosotros. Sin embargo, el Consejo debe abordar esto creando un ambiente positivo para el desarrollo del espacio comercial y las nuevas viviendas. Esto nos permitirá cambiar a un presupuesto más minorista. Debemos aprovechar el crecimiento que DFW está experimentando en este momento.
Josh Altom
Jeff Nevarez
I have been a selfless servant to Kennedale for almost a decade. We need to get Kennedale back on track and stop this divisiveness. Growth is finally here for our city and if we want our city to prosper, we must get on board. To increase amenities the City needs a budget. To have a proper budget that is not leveraged against property owners, we must have retail and entertainment space. I have fought hard for the last 10 years to give a voice to the people. I am asking you to join my voice and give me a bigger voice this May 4th by voting for me, Jeff Nevarez City Council Place 1.
He sido un sirviente desinteresado de Kennedale durante casi una década. Necesitamos que Kennedale vuelva a encarrilarse y detener esta división. Finalmente, el crecimiento está aquí para nuestra ciudad y si queremos que nuestra ciudad prospere, debemos abordarla. Para aumentar los servicios la ciudad necesita un presupuesto. Para tener un presupuesto adecuado que no se aplique a los dueños de propiedades, debemos tener espacio de venta y entretenimiento. He luchado duro durante los últimos 10 años para dar una voz a la gente. Les pido que se unan a mi voz y me den una voz más grande este 4 de mayo votando por mí, lugar 1 del Concejo Municipal Jeff Nevarez.
Josh Altom


Who’s Running?

Cesar Guerra101 Arthur Dr
Kennedale TX 76060
Sandra Lee (incumbent)FB:


Who’s Running?

Note: Open seat

Chad Wandel
Idin DeljavanFB:

Kennedale Charter Amendment Election


The City Charter is the city’s most important legal document – similar to a constitution for a state or a nation. The City Charter defines the organization, powers, functions, and essential procedures of the city government. The Kennedale Charter was last amended in 2016.

In January 2019 a report from the Charter Study Committee led to the City Council calling a special election to consider the propositions listed below.


City of Kennedale, Home Rule Charter,


Ballot PropositionShall the Kennedale Home Rule Charter be amended to delete Section 3.06(a)(1) regarding filing vacancies for three (3) year terms as unnecessary, because the charter only provides for two (2) year terms?

Se debe reformar el Estatuto de la Ciudad de Kennedale para eliminar la Sección 3.06(a)(1) relacionada con la cobertura de vacantes por períodos de tres (3) años como innecesaria, ya que en el estatuto se establece que se realiza solo por períodos de dos (2) años?
If I Vote FORThe Kennedale City Charter, Section 3.06(a)(1), which refers to filing vacancies for three-year terms, will be deleted, because the Charter currently provides only for two-year terms.
If I Vote AGAINSTThe Kennedale City Charter, Section 3.06(a)(1) will remain the same.

Section 3.06(a)(1) states:
Vacancies on the City Council for offices with three year terms shall be filled as provided in this subsection. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Mayor at a time when there remains an unexpired term of twelve (12) months or less, it shall be filled by the Mayor Pro Tem. If a vacancy occurs in any other City Council position at a time when there remains an unexpired term of twelve (12) months or less, including a position if vacated by the Mayor Pro Tem, it shall be filled by appointment by a majority vote of all of the remaining Council members. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Mayor or any City Council position at a time when more than twelve (12) months remains on the unexpired term, it shall be filled by a majority vote of the qualified voters at a special election called for such purpose within one hundred twenty (120) days.*
*Note—Proposition No. 4 on the May 7, 2016 charter election increasing the terms of city council members from two years to three years was not approved. Therefore, this provision on filling vacancies for offices with three year terms is ineffective.
Tax ConsequencesNone


Ballot PropositionShall the Kennedale Home Rule Charter be amended to revise Section 6.05 regarding the issuance of indebtedness by retaining the first sentence thereof (which authorizes the City to issue all forms of indebtedness permitted by state law), retaining the existing additional authority to enter into short term borrowings (less than one year), and deleting all other provisions thereof since they are otherwise provided by state law?

Se debe reformar el Estatuto de la Ciudad de Kennedale para revisar la Sección 6.05 relacionada con la emisión de deudas, manteniendo la primera frase del estatuto (la cual autoriza al Ayuntamiento emitir todas las formas de deudas que merita la ley estatal), conservando la facultad adicional actual de consignación de préstamos a corto plazo (menos de un año), y eliminando las demás disposiciones de la misma, ya que están establecidas en la ley estatal?
If I Vote FORThe Kennedale City Charter, Section 6.05, will be revised to delete provisions that are already provided by state law, but retain the provisions that authorize the city to issue all forms of indebtedness allowed by state law and the authority to enter into short-term borrowing for less than one year.
If I Vote AGAINSTThe Kennedale City Charter, Section 6.05 will remain the same.

Section 6.05 states:
The City shall have the right to issue and refund general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, and other evidence of indebtedness as is now permitted or as may be hereafter authorized to be issued by a Home Rule City in the State of Texas. All bonds of the City that have been issued, sold, and delivered to the purchaser shall be incontestable. All refunding bonds that have been exchanged shall be incontestable.

(a) General Obligation Bonds. The City shall have the power to borrow money through general obligation bonds, which shall constitute direct and general obligations of the City, payable from ad valorem taxes levied against all taxable property located therein, within the limits prescribed by law or this Charter.

(b) Revenue Bonds. The City shall have the power to borrow money for constructing, purchasing, improving, extending, or repairing public utilities, recreation facilities, or any other self-liquidating municipal function not prohibited by state law. Such borrowing shall be implemented through revenue bonds that are payable, both as to the principal and interest, solely from and secured by a first lien on and pledge of the net revenue derived from the properties, the interest pledged from the income, or both, after deduction of reasonable operating and maintenance expenses as required by law. The holders of the revenue bonds shall never have the right to demand payment thereof from monies raised or to be raised by taxation.

(c) Short Term Borrowing. The City may borrow funds on the credit of the City for a term not to exceed one year. Such obligations must be retired by the end of the budget year in which they were issued.

(d) Certificates of Obligation. The City shall have the power to issue Certificates of Obligation in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. If, prior to the date tentatively set for the authorization of the issuance of the certificates, a petition signed by five percent (5%) of the qualified voters of the City is filed with the City Secretary protesting the issuance of such certificates, the City shall not be authorized to issue certificates for such purpose unless the issuance thereof is approved at an election called, held, and conducted in the manner provided for bond elections by the laws of the State of Texas.
Tax ConsequencesNone


Ballot PropositionShall the Kennedale Home Rule Charter be amended to revise Article XI by increasing the signature requirements for initiative, referendum, and recall to thirty percent (30%) of the votes cast in the last regular election, but not less than five hundred (500) by amending Section 11.01, and to allow for a public hearing prior to calling a recall election by amending Section 11.03?

Se debe reformar el Estatuto de la Ciudad de Kennedale para revisar la Artículo XI, aumentando los requisitos de firma de las iniciativas, referéndums y revocaciones al treinta por ciento (30%) de los votos emitidos en la última elección regular, pero no menos de quinientos (500) reformando la Sección 11.01; y al permitir una audiencia pública antes de convocar un elección de revocación, modificando la Sección 11.03?
If I Vote FORThe Kennedale City Charter, Article XI and Sections 11.01 and 11.03 will be revised to state that:
- The number of signatures required for an initiative, referendum, or recall petition will be 30% of the votes cast in the last regular election; the number of signatures can be no less than 500
- A public hearing will be allowed prior to calling for a recall election
If I Vote AGAINSTThe Kennedale City Charter, Article XI sections 11.01 and 11.03 will remain the same.

Section 11.01 states:
The qualified voters of the City shall have the power to propose any ordinance, except an ordinance related to zoning, the appropriation of money or the authorization of the levy of taxes or one repealing such an ordinance, and to adopt or reject the same ordinance at the polls, such power being known as initiative . Any initiated ordinance may be submitted to the City Council by a petition signed by qualified voters equal in number to at least twenty-five (25) percent of the votes cast in the last regular municipal election, but not less than two hundred and fifty (250) signatures. Such initiated ordinance may be passed by the City Council without change, or may be submitted to the voters at an election called for that purpose.

Section 11.03 states:
The qualified voters of the City shall have the power to recall any elected official of the City and may exercise that power by filing with the City Secretary a petition containing the same number of signatures and qualifications as required for an initiative petition under this Charter. If the petition is certified by the City Secretary to be sufficient, the City Council shall call an election to determine whether the official named in the petition shall be recalled. The election shall be held no earlier than thirty (30) days after the City Council receives the petition, nor no later than the next special election as allowed in the Texas Election Code.
Tax ConsequencesNone