Job descriptionThe Council is the city’s governing body. This position is elected by district. (Districts 1-5; Districts 6-8 are elected city-wide). Term is two years.
DutiesEnacts city laws and ordinances
Determines city policies
Adopts city budget
Appoints city manager to administer city government
Annual salary$2,400; reimbursed for official city expenses.
MeetingsCouncil meetings every other week; special meetings called as needed.

Who’s Running?

Raul H GonzalezWebsite:
Phone: 469- 556-1269
Jo Anna CardozaFacebook:

Candidate Q&A

Raul H Gonzalez
My record of service to Arlington is decades long. Being impactful on council requires spending a great deal of time and energy as well as a thought process that looks at all sides of an issue. I am a proven leader who finds solutions to problems; through my School Board service as well as my service to the many civic organizations I have been a part of since moving from El Paso to Arlington in 1980. My record for consensus building, problem solving, working with community and elected leaders at all levels as well as engaging with my constituents is known. I will represent District 2 if elected, however I will serve all of Arlington as each vote on council impacts the entire city. I have the pulse of the community and will be assessable to each resident with the betterment of all as my guidepost. I will serve with the same dedication and integrity I have brought to MISD which serves 14,000 Arlington students; and will be a voice for all Arlington residents.
Mi historial de servicio a Arlington es de décadas. Ser impactante en el consejo requiere dedicar una gran cantidad de tiempo y energía, así como un proceso de pensamiento que analiza todos los lados de un problema. Soy un líder probado que encuentra soluciones a los problemas; a través de mi servicio en la Junta Escolar, así como mi servicio a las muchas organizaciones cívicas de las que he formado parte desde que me mudé de El Paso a Arlington en 1980. Mi historial de construcción de consenso, resolución de problemas, trabajo con la comunidad y líderes electos en todos los niveles como además de relacionarme con mis electores es conocido. Representaré al Distrito 2 si es elegido, sin embargo, serviré a todo Arlington ya que cada voto en el consejo afecta a toda la ciudad. Tengo el pulso de la comunidad y seré evaluable para cada residente con la mejora de todos como mi guía. Serviré con la misma dedicación e integridad que he traído al MISD, que atiende a 14,000 estudiantes de Arlington; y será una voz para todos los residentes de Arlington.
Jo Anna Cardoza
As the Vice President of Development and Marketing for a local restaurant group, I will bring over 25 years of business management, creating jobs, successful development, and proven operations experience. As an Arlington resident for thirty six years, I know what our residents want, transparency, accountability, and authentic representation at City Hall. I have been in the community and it is clear they are ready to have their voices represented at City Hall again instead of special interest groups. I am ready to fight for and represent our neighborhoods and working families by bringing their voices to the table. I have served and supported my community throughout the years by volunteering in diverse city, school and community organizations, have built strong relationships along the way, listened to and made note of the needs of my community and I am ready to get to work for YOU!
I am running for office because I truly care, love and understand my community. I understand the needs of District 2 and I am in the trenches already fighting for equitable investment and representation. I am running to represent working families like mine in District 2.
Raul H Gonzalez
The safety of Arlington residents is the most important thing a city can do, and I am honored to have the endorsement of the Arlington Professional Fire Fighters and the Arlington Police Association. I will continue to support Arlington’s firefighters and police that keep our city safe and ensure quality of life for residents. Additionally, I will work to lower Arlington property taxes which are already among the lowest in the area. Arlington has made record investment in road and street improvement and I will work to ensure that our streets continue to be repaired in an efficient timely manner to keep Arlington moving. These items are basic and important city services that make strong and healthy neighborhoods.
La seguridad de los residentes de Arlington es lo más importante que puede hacer una ciudad y es un honor para mí contar con el respaldo de los Bomberos Profesionales de Arlington y la Asociación de Policía de Arlington. Continuaré apoyando a los bomberos y la policía de Arlington que mantienen nuestra ciudad segura y garantizan la calidad de vida de los residentes. Además, trabajaré para reducir los impuestos a la propiedad de Arlington, que ya se encuentran entre los más bajos de la zona. Arlington ha realizado una inversión récord en el mejoramiento de carreteras y calles y trabajaré para asegurar que nuestras calles continúen reparándose de manera eficiente y oportuna para mantener a Arlington en movimiento. Estos artículos son servicios básicos e importantes de la ciudad que hacen vecindarios fuertes y saludables.
Jo Anna Cardoza
Due to Arlington's particular dependency on tourism, our economy will take a little longer to recover and is deeply connected to consumer confidence to start traveling and spending again. Maintaining core services and investing in the priorities of residents will be critical during the budget process.
Create robust economic development in D2 that will improve the quality of life for residents by creating higher paying and permanent jobs, keep neighborhoods safe by not having empty shopping centers and stand alone buildings and provide property tax relief to homeowners.
Invest in and maintain the infrastructure of our beloved community through street repairs and transform corridors across the district into walking havens, bike highways and trails that create a rich cultural experience.
I will also ensure that I know what our neighborhoods needs are by utilizing and cultivating relationships with stakeholders from across the district. I w ill work with my fellow Council members and staff to explore and deploy better communications practices and technologies for our media-poor city. By bringing more voices to the table, I will fight for the solutions that guard our neighborhoods and work for our residents.
Raul H Gonzalez
Arlington’s entertainment venues put us in a better position to bounce back faster from COVID. As venues reopen as Six Flags has, people are heading to Arlington. Globe Life Field will host the National Finals Rodeo and the World Series; the Cowboys season starts September 20th boosting Arlington’s economy. General Motors recently invested in a billion-dollar expansion and is back in production. Texas Health Resources and Martin Sprocket & Gear call Arlington home adding to our economy. UTA has a significant impact and as more students return to campus they will help in the recovery. Arlington must continue to attract innovative new businesses like Rent the Runway. The City Manager has developed a plan to successfully deal with the loss of revenue that includes projections through the next fiscal year. Most departments made impactful budget cuts and I believe the plan will be effective in addressing the situation.
Los lugares de entretenimiento de Arlington nos colocan en una mejor posición para recuperarnos más rápido de COVID. A medida que reabren los lugares como Six Flags, la gente se dirige a Arlington. Globe Life Field albergará el Rodeo de las Finales Nacionales y la Serie Mundial; la temporada de los Cowboys comienza el 20 de septiembre impulsando la economía de Arlington. General Motors invirtió recientemente en una expansión de miles de millones de dólares y está nuevamente en producción. Texas Health Resources y Martin Sprocket & Gear consideran que Arlington es su hogar, lo que aumenta nuestra economía. UTA tiene un impacto significativo y a medida que más estudiantes regresen al campus ayudarán en la recuperación. Arlington debe seguir atrayendo nuevos negocios innovadores como Rent the Runway. El Administrador de la Ciudad ha desarrollado un plan para lidiar con éxito con la pérdida de ingresos que incluye proyecciones hasta el próximo año fiscal. La mayoría de los departamentos hicieron recortes presupuestarios impactantes y creo que el plan será eficaz para abordar la situación.
Jo Anna Cardoza
COVID-19 has exposed vulnerabilities with Arlington's current business model, dependency on tourism. I will bring my 36 years of experience as an Arlington resident and businesswoman to attract new storefronts and invigorate shopping centers in order to diversify our economic sales tax generators and expand our commercial tax base to provide much needed tax relief to Arlington homeowners.
City Council needs to work with city staff to look for solutions to be more efficient and productive in city departments, without affecting the quality of core services to residents. I will also ask for research on new technology and innovations available to streamline processes, look at best practices from other cities, and look for unconventional partners to share some of the cost burden and save tax dollars.
I will also fight for all city expenditures to go to priorities that will have a direct and positive impact on resident's quality of life, instead of luxury projects like the $500,000 monuments that have popped up along Arlington highways.
Raul H Gonzalez
Arlington is a diverse city in many areas including financial means. Affordable housing is always a concern. My preference is to encourage re-development of aging properties and continue innovative public/private partnerships that are revitalizing some affordable housing complexes already. Affordable Senior Living properties have also been built in the last few years. It is crucial for the long-term financial health of the city to meet the 60/40 commercial to residential property value threshold. Doing this will increase employment opportunities for residents most in need of affordable housing. Additionally, the city has the responsibility for code enforcement so that each neighborhood has mowed lawns, maintained fences, no abandoned cars or trash so that residents can be proud of where they live. The newly revised comprehensive development plan provides a roadmap to balance our zoning mix as strategic planning is a must. Land use decisions must provide for private, corporate, and small business investment that help keep property taxes in check and provide for robust job creation while keeping Arlington’s hometown appeal.
Arlington es una ciudad diversa en muchas áreas, incluidos los medios financieros. La vivienda asequible es siempre una preocupación. Mi preferencia es alentar el re-desarrollo de propiedades antiguas y continuar las asociaciones públicas / privadas innovadoras que ya están revitalizando algunos complejos de viviendas asequibles. También se han construido propiedades asequibles para personas mayores en los últimos años. Es crucial para la salud financiera a largo plazo de la ciudad alcanzar el umbral de valor de propiedad comercial a residencial de 60/40. Hacer esto aumentará las oportunidades de empleo para los residentes que más necesitan una vivienda asequible. Además, la ciudad tiene la responsabilidad de hacer cumplir el código para que cada vecindario haya cortado el césped, haya mantenido cercas, no haya autos abandonados o basura para que los residentes puedan estar orgullosos del lugar donde viven. El plan de desarrollo integral recientemente revisado proporciona una hoja de ruta para equilibrar nuestra combinación de zonificación, ya que la planificación estratégica es imprescindible. Las decisiones sobre el uso de la tierra deben prever inversiones privadas, corporativas y de pequeñas empresas que ayuden a mantener bajo control los impuestos a la propiedad y proporcionen una sólida creación de empleo al tiempo que mantienen el atractivo de la ciudad natal de Arlington.
Jo Anna Cardoza
My first priority is including ALL of the community stakeholders in using the upcoming Census data and input from the comprehensive plan process to evaluate housing needs across the city. The city’s approval of mixed income housing is a positive beginning but not enough. We should prioritize affordable senior and workforce housing while working hard to prevent further displacement and gentrification.
Arlington has very limited land available to build on and changes in zoning will need to take into consideration overcrowding in schools, avoiding further traffic congestion on our already crumbling roads, and preventing additional burdens on our first responders.
Raul H Gonzalez
Small business is incredibly important to any city. More commercial development is needed for employment opportunities. Small businesses collectively make up a large part of our jobs. The upcoming Sales and Use Tax vote will bring Arlington’s sales tax in line with neighboring cities. If voters approve the measure, it will help expand and diversify our commercial tax base through redevelopment of empty commercial property as well as facilitating funding options for new and existing businesses throughout the city. This revenue will benefit residents as more favorable corporate development and relocation options and potential funding grants for large and small business will be available. Collaboration between the city, chamber of commerce, small business owners and neighboring communities is a must. The current collaboration with Grand Prairie on the International Corridor will benefit both cities as more employment opportunities are critical for the financial success of our area.
Las pequeñas empresas son increíblemente importantes para cualquier ciudad. Se necesita más desarrollo comercial para las oportunidades de empleo. Las pequeñas empresas constituyen colectivamente una gran parte de nuestro trabajo. La próxima votación sobre el impuesto sobre las ventas y el uso pondrá el impuesto sobre las ventas de Arlington en línea con las ciudades vecinas. Si los votantes aprueban la medida, ayudará a expandir y diversificar nuestra base impositiva comercial a través del redesarrollo de propiedades comerciales vacías y facilitará opciones de financiamiento para negocios nuevos y existentes en toda la ciudad. Estos ingresos beneficiarán a los residentes a medida que se disponga de opciones de reubicación y desarrollo corporativo más favorables y posibles subvenciones de financiación para empresas grandes y pequeñas. La colaboración entre la ciudad, la cámara de comercio, los propietarios de pequeñas empresas y las comunidades vecinas es imprescindible. La colaboración actual con Grand Prairie en el Corredor Internacional beneficiará a ambas ciudades, ya que más oportunidades de empleo son críticas para el éxito financiero de nuestra área.
Jo Anna Cardoza
City budgets and communities depend on the health of the their small and large businesses now more than ever. It is important that city governments work to support local businesses by temporarily amending ordinances that are not pro business, helping the local PTA mom who invested in opening a small business become aware of available federal funding and how to navigate the process to be successful in obtaining critical funding to survive.
I would work with city staff to secure federal and state grants to support small business with start up capital and to create an economic development center to to help small business owners with educational and capacity building work shops.
Raul H Gonzalez
I support the initiatives Arlington has in place to address concerns when a policing incident occurs. Administration in the department should always be looking into policy revisions for potential improvements in enforcement practices. Individual officers should be dealt with if needed as would be done in any profession. Keeping experienced officers on the force to mentor younger officers is critical. I fully support the police that keep Arlington a safe place to live. Police funding should remain level at this time with adjustments as needed. Safe communities need well trained diverse police officers. I encourage talented young people of all backgrounds to consider a career with the Arlington Police Department.
Apoyo las iniciativas que Arlington tiene implementadas para abordar las inquietudes cuando ocurre un incidente policial. La administración en el departamento siempre debe estar buscando revisiones de políticas para posibles mejoras en las prácticas de aplicación. Los funcionarios individuales deben ser tratados si es necesario como se haría en cualquier profesión. Mantener a oficiales experimentados en la fuerza para guiar a los oficiales más jóvenes es fundamental. Apoyo plenamente a la policía que mantiene a Arlington como un lugar seguro para vivir. El financiamiento de la policía debe mantenerse nivelado en este momento con los ajustes necesarios. Las comunidades seguras necesitan policías diversos y bien capacitados. Animo a los jóvenes talentosos de todos los orígenes a considerar una carrera en el Departamento de Policía de Arlington.
Jo Anna Cardoza
I believe in properly investing in the needs of the community and maintaining core services for residents. Southern Arlington has experienced major growth, and as a resident and businesswoman, I am concerned with increased response times and the lack of adequate first responder coverage. I will support our first responders fully, ensure they are fairly compensated, and receive the training they need for EVERY situation.
However, again as a resident, businesswoman, and a mom, I'm also concerned about the need for better roads, sidewalks, recreation centers, and community programs. I believe that we can examine our city budget and find ways to invest in our community, partner with neighborhoods to create positive changes, and keep us safe with first responders that keep us safe and serve our community by being in the community.
Raul H Gonzalez
Since moving to Arlington to attend UTA I have been involved in the community. I have strong working relationships with community, business and elected leaders at all levels and will continue these relationships for the benefit of residents. I embrace Arlington’s diversity rather than exploiting our differences. Our diversity gives Arlington a dynamic quality and makes it a wonderful place to call home. My wife Kerry and I raised our family in Arlington and want other families stay in the “American Dream City” as we did. High school graduates have expanding job opportunities as well as the world class University of Texas at Arlington should they want to enter college right in town. Our nationally recognized Parks & Recreation facilities benefit residents of all ages. Entertainment has been a staple for decades and brings in visitors from around the world adding to Arlington’s dynamic feel. I will work hard to keep Arlington moving forward and will be ready to step into a new role on council quickly. The November ballot will be long. Please to go all the way down and vote Raul H. Gonzalez for Arlington City Council District 2.
Desde que me mudé a Arlington para asistir a la UTA, he estado involucrado en la comunidad. Tengo sólidas relaciones de trabajo con la comunidad, las empresas y los líderes electos en todos los niveles y continuaré estas relaciones en beneficio de los residentes. Acepto la diversidad de Arlington en lugar de explotar nuestras diferencias. Nuestra diversidad le da a Arlington una calidad dinámica y lo convierte en un lugar maravilloso para llamar hogar. Mi esposa Kerry y yo criamos a nuestra familia en Arlington y queremos que otras familias se queden en la “Ciudad del Sueño Americano” como lo hicimos nosotros. Los graduados de la escuela secundaria tienen oportunidades de trabajo en expansión, así como la Universidad de Texas en Arlington de clase mundial en caso de que quieran ingresar a la universidad en la ciudad. Nuestras instalaciones de Parques y Recreación reconocidas a nivel nacional benefician a residentes de todas las edades. El entretenimiento ha sido un elemento básico durante décadas y atrae visitantes de todo el mundo, lo que se suma a la sensación dinámica de Arlington. Trabajaré duro para que Arlington siga avanzando y estaré listo para asumir un nuevo rol en el consejo rápidamente. La boleta de noviembre será larga. Por favor, vaya hasta el final y vote a Raúl H. González por el Distrito 2 del Concejo Municipal de Arlington.
Jo Anna Cardoza
To improve the quality of life for residents and create healthy communities , we need to invest in and support programs and good development projects that will have a direct and positive impact on the lives of residents.
- Attract healthier dining options to D2 to combat the growing chronic disease problem in our community due to limited healthy eating options and limited access to healthy foods.
- Invest in transportation options that are viable and accessible for ALL residents so that those that have transportation issues are able to get to work and earn an income to support their families, allow our local and innovative talent to continue their higher education here at UTA , improve access to medical appointments and healthier foods to reduce health disparities. Invest in streets, bike lanes and sidewalks to promote fitness and continue the expansion of VIA in areas that that can utilize the service the most.