Ballot propositionThe reauthorization of the Local Sales and Use Tax in the City of Everman, Texas at the rate of one-fourth of one percent to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets.

La reautorización del impuesto de ventas y uso locales en la ciudad de Everman, Texas, a razón de un-cuarto (1/4) de un porciento (1%) para continuar proporcionando ingresos para el mantenimiento y la reparación de las vías públicas del municipio
If I vote FORThe city of Everman will continue to levy a sales tax of 0.25% to pay for street maintenance and repairs.
If I vote AGAINSTThe city of Everman will no longer levy a 0.25% sales tax that currently funds street maintenance and repairs.
Tax consequencesIf the proposition passes, the sales tax in Everman will remain the same; if it fails, the sales tax will be reduced by 0.25%
What is a sales and use tax?This is the formal name for a sales tax. Individuals pay sales taxes on most goods and services in Texas.
What is the current sales tax rate?The base rate for the Texas sales tax is 6.25%. However, local government agencies (cities, counties, special purpose districts and transit authorities) can hold elections to increase the sales tax in their area. By law, the maximum sales tax rate (including state and local sales taxes) is 8.25%.

The current sales tax in the city of Everman is 8.25%.

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