Job descriptionThe Council is the city’s governing body. Term is two years.
DutiesEnacts city laws and ordinances
Determines city policies
Adopts city budget
Appoints city manager to administer city government
Annual salary$15 per regular Council meeting attended and $10.00 per special meeting attended; annual amount not to exceed the annual compensation of the lowest paid permanent full-time city employee.
MeetingsCouncil meetings twice monthly; special meetings called as needed.
City contact informationContact City Secretary
Jolene WebsterWebsite:
Jon McKenzie (incumbent)
Phone: 817-437-2236

Candidate Q&A

Jolene Webster
I believe I am the better choice for Hurst City Council Place 6 because my life's work has been invested in public service, as an educator, school district administrator, and music conductor. I've been a resident of Hurst for more than thirty years, and raised my three children here as a single parent. I have been successful in facing the challenges of a full-time career while providing for the many activities of my children, as well as completing my Doctorate in Education and Masters in Music. I am a creative and innovative thinker in planning, program development, implementing solutions, and forging new paths. My expertise lends itself to recruitment, inspiring others, initializing participants, and inclusion of all communities. I believe there is an important distinction between being a spectator who simply shows up, as opposed to being a leader who actually gets the job done, achieves goals and forms coalitions with stakeholders, in this case the citizens. I am both a visionary and a doer. I am a candidate who will actively participate by engaging in hard work and in making a difference in the lives of people. My interest in running for public office lies not in political longevity, but in service. Neither does my reason for serving lie in my own personal satisfaction but in actually making things better for the citizens of Hurst. I am running for public office to help make the city of Hurst a better community for inclusion, equity, and opportunity. I want Hurst to truly be a "Quality of Life City" for ALL residents, on both sides of the freeway.
Jon McKenzie
Since first being elected to the Hurst City Council in 2018 I have consistently worked to build relationships with citizens, organizations, and business owners who are all working hard for the future of Hurst. I have invested time in my hometown, in the schools where our kids attend, and with the non-profits that do amazing work in our community. In three years of service I have built actionable knowledge of our city budget, strategic plans, and regional partnerships. There is a lot that goes into the work and success of a city!
Our current council has built a good working relationship which benefits the city and the citizens. Each member brings unique perspective and ideas to the council. I bring the unique perspective of being the only councilmember with school age children, a background in ministry and community service, and training in strategic leadership. I currently serve as a member of the advisory board for 6Stones and represent the city on the NE Steering Committee for United Way Tarrant County. It is important for councilmembers to be active, engaged, and available in our city.
Desde que fui elegido por primera vez para el Concejo Municipal de Hurst en 2018, he trabajado constantemente para construir relaciones con ciudadanos, organizaciones y dueños de negocios que están trabajando arduamente por el futuro de Hurst. He invertido tiempo en mi ciudad natal, en las escuelas a las que asisten nuestros niños y en las organizaciones sin fines de lucro que hacen un trabajo increíble en nuestra comunidad. En tres años de servicio, he construido un conocimiento práctico del presupuesto de nuestra ciudad, planes estratégicos y asociaciones regionales. ¡Hay mucho que implica el trabajo y el éxito de una ciudad!
Nuestro Consejo actual ha construido una buena relación de trabajo que beneficia a la ciudad y a los ciudadanos. Cada miembro aporta una perspectiva e ideas únicas al Consejo. Traigo la perspectiva única de ser el único concejal con niños en edad escolar, experiencia en ministerio y servicio comunitario, y capacitación en liderazgo estratégico. Actualmente sirvo como miembro de la junta asesora de 6Stones y represento a la ciudad en el Comité Directivo NE para el condado de Tarrant de United Way. Es importante que los concejales estén activos, comprometidos y disponibles en nuestra ciudad.
Jolene Webster
Revitalization of older parts of the city is a priority for me. With forward-vision and hard work we can accomplish this through development of an Arts District in South Hurst, including a community chorus, orchestra, enhanced Artisan Theater, farmers market, art galleries, and additional small businesses including cafes and coffee shops. We are also in need of sidewalks, curbs, and street drainage city-wide in many subdivisions and areas, but particularly in older neighborhoods. Enhancement of recreational areas within our parks is also part of my vision with additional trails, playgrounds and picnic areas. Some parks offer greenbelt space without recreational equipment. As an example, disc golf is affordable, easy to maintain and would provide a fun opportunity for families and individuals of all ages with nothing more than a frisbee required on the part of participants. Finally, I believe we can do better in caring for our residents who are in need, including the elderly and those who are underserved or underemployed, many of whom have families. The recent winter storm is a poignant reminder that we must seek to demonstrate care for those without power, warmth, water and food. Our convention center could have been utilized for shelter and transportation could have been provided for those who were in dire need. We must develop a method of communication to check on our citizens in such times. We currently have no city newspaper, call-center, or other efficient means to reach out. Another example of greater utilization of our city facilities would to host a city-wide Thanksgiving Dinner for the needy with support from area grocery stores, churches and other charitable organizations.
Jon McKenzie
The key issues that the city council can address in Hurst are economic vitality, public safety, and redevelopment.
The past year of COVID-19 has been a tough challenge for every citizen and for our city. City staff and the city council were working to make decisions and find solutions within days of the pandemic starting. It was obvious that the budget would be heavily impacted so cost savings were quickly achieved in areas that would have as limited an impact as possible on quality of life for Hurst citizens. As we emerge from COVID-19, council and staff will have to make careful decisions and detailed plans for the path forward. I am committed to the conservative fiscal plan our city uses and that served well in weathering the financial storm of the last year.
Public safety is always a high priority because we all want a safe place to live and call home. Our fire and police personnel should also have the equipment and training that helps bring them home safe at the end of the day. Hurst attracts and develops the highest caliber of personnel you will find anywhere and this will always be a key priority that I support.
Redevelopment is also an ongoing issue in a city like Hurst that is 98% developed. I am excited to support the great work that Central Arts, Artisan Theater, and others are accomplishing at Belaire. I appreciate the interest of groups like Gardner Capital that have worked with the city to build additional housing for citizens who are 55+. Continued work with our Economic Development team, the HEB Chamber of Commerce, business owners, and investors will be key to redeveloping and repurposing underutilized spaces in Hurst.
Los temas claves que el Consejo Municipal puede abordar en Hurst son la vitalidad económica, la seguridad pública y la remodelación.
El año pasado, con el COVID-19, ha sido uno duro y de desafíos para todos los ciudadanos y para nuestra ciudad. El personal de la ciudad y el Concejo Municipal estaban trabajando para tomar decisiones y encontrar soluciones a los pocos días de que comenzara la pandemia. Era obvio que el presupuesto se vería muy afectado, por lo que los ahorros de costos se lograron rápidamente en áreas que tendrían un impacto lo más limitado posible en la calidad de vida de los ciudadanos de Hurst. A medida que vayamos saliendo del COVID-19, el consejo y el personal tendrán que tomar decisiones cuidadosas y planes detallados en relación con el camino a seguir. Estoy comprometido con el plan fiscal conservador que usa nuestra ciudad y que sirvió bien para manejar la tormenta financiera del año pasado.
La seguridad pública es siempre una alta prioridad porque todos queremos un lugar seguro para vivir y llamar hogar. Nuestro personal de bomberos y policías también debe tener el equipo y la capacitación que los ayude a llevarlos a casa seguros al final del día. Hurst atrae y desarrolla personal del más alto calibre que encontrará en cualquier lugar y esta será siempre una prioridad clave que yo apoye.
La remodelación también es un problema continuo en una ciudad como Hurst que está desarrollada en un 98%. Estoy emocionado de apoyar el gran trabajo que Central Arts, Artisan Theatre y otros están logrando en Bellaire. Agradezco el interés de grupos como Gardner Capital que han trabajado con la ciudad para construir viviendas adicionales para ciudadanos mayores de 55 años. El trabajo continuo con nuestro equipo de Desarrollo Económico, la Cámara de Comercio de HEB, los dueños de negocios y los inversionistas será clave para remodelar y reutilizar los espacios subutilizados en Hurst.
Jolene Webster
As an educator, I certainly know how to assign grades, but feel it is more advantageous to give suggestions for improvement. I would like to have seen Hurst provide COVID-19 testing sites for the general public, particularly in underserved areas. Although an efficient testing site was set up in nearby North Richland Hills, this may have not been adequately publicized or accessible to residents in some parts of Hurst who may not have transportation. There could have also been more efficient and clearer communication about vaccines being provided at the Hurst Convention Center. Easy-to-use links to Tarrant County Public Health could have been included on the City of Hurst. Information could have provided about which groups of citizens would receive their vaccines in Hurst. I had to travel to Arlington for both doses, even though the same vaccine was provided much closer, right here in Hurst.
Jon McKenzie
I believe the city made wise and cautious choices with the information and guidance that was available at the time. City facilities were closed until there was a clear understanding of risk factors and the measures that could be taken to minimize risk. Events and facilities have reopened as county, state, and federal guidance allows. Immediate adjustments were made to the city budget to prepare for the fiscal impacts of the shutdown. The primary focus has always been safety for our citizens and city staff.
Now our focus should be on helping all citizens and businesses move forward. I am excited that our Senior Center is scheduled to reopen in early May. Protecting those most vulnerable to COVID-19 in our population is important but I also know the need for a social connections is incredibly important. All other city services should be ramping back up and I know my family will be excited to have the aquatics centers open this summer. Our Economic Development team actively worked with businesses during the pandemic to share information about local and federal assistance. The team continues to seek positive solutions for helping businesses of all sizes move forward. It is also exciting to see many new businesses and restaurants opening in Hurst in 2021.
Creo que la ciudad tomó decisiones sabias y cautelosas con la información y la orientación que estaban disponibles en ese momento. Las instalaciones de la ciudad se cerraron hasta que hubo una comprensión clara de los factores de riesgo y las medidas que podrían tomarse para minimizar el riesgo. Los eventos y las instalaciones han reabierto según lo permitan las orientaciones federales, estatales y del condado. Se hicieron ajustes inmediatos al presupuesto de la ciudad para prepararse para los impactos fiscales del cierre. El enfoque principal siempre ha sido la seguridad para nuestros ciudadanos y el personal de la ciudad.
Ahora nuestro enfoque debería estar en ayudar a todos los ciudadanos y empresas a avanzar. Estoy emocionado de que nuestro Centro para Personas de la Tercera Edad esté programado para reabrir a principios de mayo. Proteger a los más vulnerables al COVID-19 en nuestra población es importante, pero también sé que la necesidad de conexiones sociales es increíblemente importante. Todos los demás servicios de la ciudad deberían estar mejorando y sé que mi familia estará emocionada de tener los centros acuáticos abiertos este verano. Nuestro equipo de Desarrollo Económico trabajó activamente con las empresas durante la pandemia para compartir información sobre la asistencia local y federal. El equipo continúa buscando soluciones positivas para ayudar a las empresas de todos los tamaños a avanzar. También es emocionante ver la apertura de muchas empresas y restaurantes nuevos en Hurst en 2021.
Jolene Webster
The city should obtain data on the median income and demographics of its residents. The availability of affordable housing needs to be in line with the metrics of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The city zoning commission should oversee a survey or audit among property owners and renters including multi-unit residents, regarding percentage of income spent on housing. If deemed that additional affordable housing is needed, a study should be conducted to address the issue. Pandemic-related evictions must be in line with federal and state requirements. In some instances the city may be eligible for federal funds to help alleviate the burden for those facing eviction. All avenues for relief should be pursued.
Jon McKenzie
Gala at Central Park is a great example of the city working to address affordable housing needs. Research has shown that Hurst has a great need for affordable housing options for our residents who are 55+. Gardner Capital is adding 94-units of high quality, professionally managed senior housing in the construction project that is scheduled to open in early 2022 off of Pipeline Road. The City continues to search for high quality housing solutions with trusted and proven business partners.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, city staff and city council members have made sure to keep up with the latest information on financial relief for housing that is available from the county, state, and federal government. There are a number of opportunities for help and the biggest issue has been making sure that residents and non-profits are connected to the latest information.
Gala en Central Park es un gran ejemplo del trabajo de la ciudad para abordar las necesidades de vivienda asequible. Las investigaciones han demostrado que Hurst tiene una gran necesidad de opciones de vivienda asequibles para nuestros residentes mayores de 55 años. Gardner Capital está agregando 94 unidades de viviendas para personas mayores de alta calidad administradas profesionalmente en el proyecto de construcción que está programado para abrir a principios de 2022 fuera de Pipeline Road. La Ciudad continúa buscando soluciones de vivienda de alta calidad con socios comerciales confiables y probados.
Durante la pandemia de COVID-19, el personal de la ciudad y los miembros del Consejo Municipal se han asegurado de mantenerse al día con la información más reciente sobre el alivio financiero para la vivienda que esté disponible en el condado, el estado y el gobierno federal. Hay una serie de oportunidades de ayuda y el mayor problema ha sido asegurarse de que los residentes y las organizaciones sin fines de lucro estén conectados a la información más reciente.
Jolene Webster
In my opinion the first responders in Hurst do an outstanding job providing for community safety with responses in an efficient and equitable manner. I want to see this continue. I would like to see neighborhood watch programs continue to be implemented and for our Hurst Police Department to have even greater visibility in our parks and public areas, and to continue to have a positive relationship with all of sectors of the community. Some of our residential streets could benefit from speed humps, particularly in areas near schools and streets that lead to thoroughfares. Use of city funds for community services are not a liability, but must be used judicially as an investment in making Hurst an even better city. Of utmost importance is that all residents feel safe, that the crime-rate is low, and that all are treated fairly by city officials, including first responders.
Jon McKenzie
Public safety is a key strategic priority in Hurst. Everyone wants a safe place that they can call home. The Hurst Police Department and Fire Department provide the highest level of service available. Our Police Department is CALEA accredited, which is a rigorous standard to achieve. Our Fire Department has been recognized for both the ability to fight fires and the skills to save lives with emergency medical services.
I am committed to working with our public safety leadership team to make sure that both departments are fully funded for the important service they provide in our city. Our citizens and guests in Hurst should feel safe and know that the highest quality of service is minutes or seconds away if there is an emergency. It is important to me that each one of the men and women on our public safety team make it home safely at the end of shift and enjoy good health.
Hurst is committed to the highest standard of training, conduct, and preparation for our public safety team. Our HEB police departments share a mental health coordinator and each police officer in Hurst is trained for mental health awareness. Community engagement is also important for our public safety team. Interactions at community events, schools, and athletic events help build healthy, trusting relationships. The fire and police citizens academies also enhance understanding and engagement with citizens in Hurst.
La seguridad pública es una prioridad estratégica clave en Hurst. Todos quieren un lugar seguro al que puedan llamar hogar. El Departamento de Policía y el Departamento de Bomberos de Hurst brindan el más alto nivel de servicio disponible. Nuestro Departamento de Policía está acreditado por CALEA, que es un estándar riguroso de alcanzar. Nuestro Departamento de Bomberos ha sido reconocido tanto por su capacidad para combatir incendios como por sus habilidades para salvar vidas con servicios médicos de emergencia.
Estoy comprometido a trabajar con nuestro equipo de liderazgo en seguridad pública para asegurarme de que ambos departamentos cuenten con los fondos necesarios para el importante servicio que brindan en nuestra ciudad. Nuestros ciudadanos e invitados en Hurst deben sentirse seguros y saber que la más alta calidad de servicio está a minutos o segundos de distancia en caso de emergencia. Para mí es importante que cada uno de los hombres y mujeres de nuestro equipo de seguridad pública llegue a casa de manera segura al final del turno y goce de buena salud.
Hurst está comprometido con el más alto nivel de capacitación, conducta y preparación para nuestro equipo de seguridad pública. Nuestros departamentos de policía de HEB comparten un coordinador de salud mental y cada oficial de policía en Hurst está capacitado para concienciar sobre la salud mental. La participación de la comunidad también es importante para nuestro equipo de seguridad pública. Las interacciones en eventos comunitarios, escuelas y eventos deportivos ayudan a construir relaciones saludables y de confianza. Las academias ciudadanas de bomberos y policía también mejoran la comprensión y el compromiso con los ciudadanos de Hurst.
Jolene Webster
I am not the incumbent, so did not have a vote in city council matters previously. I do feel that an important issue that should have had much more impetus is the development of the Arts District in South Hurst, including support for the Artisan Theater and art galleries and additional performing arts such as a community chorus and orchestra as civic organizations.
Jon McKenzie
I believe our work in providing new affordable senior housing was among the most important votes I made in the last term. Gala at Central Park will benefit many Hurst residents who are 55+ and struggling to afford a safe, healthy place to live.
We make a lot of decisions in our council meetings and each one is carefully considered by city staff, boards and commissions members, and councilmembers. Citizens and city council members have the opportunity to research each issue ahead of a council meeting when the agenda is published online. In our meetings we ask questions, seek citizen input, and discuss each matter in a public and transparent manner and then cast our vote. As councilmembers, our votes may differ but after the matter is decided we move forward as a team for the benefit of the city and the citizens.
Pienso que nuestro trabajo para proporcionar nuevas viviendas asequibles para personas mayores fue uno de los votos más importantes que realicé en el último mandato. Gala en Central Park beneficiará a muchos residentes de Hurst que tienen más de 55 años y luchan por pagar un lugar seguro y saludable para vivir.
Tomamos muchas decisiones en las reuniones de nuestro consejo y cada una es considerada cuidadosamente por el personal de la Ciudad, los miembros de las Juntas y Comisiones y los miembros del Consejo. Los ciudadanos y los miembros del Consejo Municipal tienen la oportunidad de investigar más acerca de cada tema cuando la agenda se publique en línea antes de una reunión del Consejo. En nuestras reuniones hacemos preguntas, buscamos la opinión de los ciudadanos y discutimos cada asunto de manera pública y transparente y luego emitimos nuestro voto. Como concejales, nuestros votos pueden diferir, pero una vez que se decide el asunto, avanzamos como un equipo en beneficio de la ciudad y los ciudadanos.
Jolene Webster
I believe that local control should preempt state control in certain circumstances, particularly in matters of public health and safety. An example of this involves following health experts and scientists with regard to the pandemic. I also believe that city budgets should be controlled by the city as opposed to state or federal control.
Jon McKenzie
In the 2019 legislative session in Austin there were over 1,400 bills and resolutions passed and signed into law. According to the Texas Municipal League just over 300 of them impacted cities in some way. The percentage of bills filed every year that impacts cities has been increasing over the last 20 years. In 2019, the percentage increased to 25% meaning that a quarter of the legislature’s work was directed at cities, much of it aimed at limiting municipal authority. Local decision making is important in running a city because your councilmembers live here and listen to you. I am committed to making sure that Hurst maintains the ability to represent the best interest of every citizen in our city.
En la sesión legislativa de 2019 en Austin, se aprobaron y promulgaron más de 1,400 proyectos de ley y resoluciones. Según la Liga Municipal de Texas, poco más de 300 de ellos afectaron a las ciudades de alguna manera. El porcentaje de proyectos de ley presentados cada año que afectan a las ciudades ha aumentado durante los últimos 20 años. En 2019, el porcentaje aumentó al 25%, lo que significa que una cuarta parte del trabajo de la legislatura se dirigió a las ciudades, gran parte de la cual tenía como objetivo limitar la autoridad municipal. La toma de decisiones local es importante para administrar una ciudad porque sus concejales viven aquí y lo escuchan a usted. Me comprometo a asegurarme de que Hurst mantenga la capacidad de representar los mejores intereses de todos los ciudadanos de nuestra ciudad.
Jolene Webster
I feel that Hurst needs a predictable method of communication to check on its citizens in times such as the recent winter storm. Residents at this point need to rely on news from Fort Worth and Dallas which does not always reflect detailed local conditions and many residents are not able to go to a news channel website for more information. The Hurst Convention Center could have been opened to comfortably shelter those in need and a transport system put in place for those unable to get to safety. Direct communication needs to be established between key electricity providers and city officials. Any Infrastructure improvements that need to be made can and should be made to the electric, gas, and water systems proactively as opposed to reactively to lessen the strain on these systems in times of difficult weather conditions.
Jon McKenzie
The “big freeze” was definitely a catastrophic event for many and I recognize that many citizens, schools, churches, organizations, and businesses are still in the process of rebuilding and recovering. On the first morning of the winter event, key city personnel were on the roads assessing conditions and looking for issues. Public safety worked incredibly hard in challenging situations to make sure citizens were safe. Despite the loss of power at almost all city facilities, the efforts of the city staff continued. A warming center was established at Central Junior High in cooperation with the City of Bedford and HEBISD. Transportation was made available by the city for seniors who needed assistance. City staff worked behind the scenes to prepare critical infrastructure and keep it running through the unprecedented cold. Neighbors and business owners opened their doors to help those who needed to warm up or a place to recharge devices. We saw our community in action.
City staff learned that some of the backup power systems for city facilities are impacted by a freezing event like we experienced and that will be addressed. Communication was challenging as the situation constantly changed but key safety updates were always available. City staff and council members will work with utility providers and elected officials to make sure that lessons are learned from this event and improvements are made.
La reciente “gran nevada/helada” fue definitivamente un evento catastrófico para muchos y reconozco que muchos ciudadanos, escuelas, iglesias, organizaciones y empresas todavía están en el proceso de reconstrucción y recuperación. En la primera mañana del evento de invierno, el personal clave de la ciudad estaba en las carreteras evaluando las condiciones y viendo posibles problemas. La seguridad pública trabajó increíblemente duro en situaciones desafiantes para asegurarse de que los ciudadanos estuvieran seguros. A pesar de la pérdida de energía en casi todas las instalaciones de la ciudad, los esfuerzos del personal de la ciudad continuaron. Se estableció un centro de calentamiento en Central Junior High en cooperación con la ciudad de Bedford y HEBISD. La ciudad puso a disposición el transporte para las personas mayores que necesitaban ayuda. El personal de la ciudad trabajó tras bastidores para preparar la infraestructura crítica y mantenerla funcionando durante el frío sin precedentes. Vecinos y dueños de negocios abrieron sus puertas para ayudar a quienes necesitaban calentarse o un lugar para recargar dispositivos. Vimos nuestra comunidad en acción.
El personal de la ciudad comprendió que algunos de los sistemas de energía de respaldo para las instalaciones de la ciudad se verían afectados por eventos de congelación como el que experimentamos y en eso se estará trabajando. La comunicación era un desafío ya que la situación cambiaba constantemente, pero las actualizaciones de seguridad clave siempre estuvieron disponibles. El personal de la ciudad y los miembros del consejo trabajarán con los proveedores de servicios públicos y los funcionarios electos para asegurarse de que se aprendan lecciones de este evento y se realicen mejoras.
Jolene Webster
I have been a Hurst resident for thirty years and have enjoyed raising my family here, and participating in the many amenities such as Hurst United Soccer Association, Hurst Aquatics Center, Artisan Theater, and the many beautiful parks and recreation areas. I feel that it is my turn to give back to the city that I love and to serve and lead in a manner that edifies Hurst and its residents. Thank you.
Jon McKenzie
I am thankful for the great partnerships we enjoy in Hurst. Our school districts are amazing and the teachers are heroes as they have adapted to COVID-19 this school year. I am so thankful for the work of our local hospitals and healthcare providers. Our Northeast Tarrant County cities work together to benefit our community, the COVID-19 vaccine clinic at the Hurst Conference Center is a great example of that teamwork. Our non-profit partners and churches provide tremendous help. It is great to be involved with so many who are working for the best for our community.
I appreciate the opportunity to consider some good questions and provide my answers. It is my hope that residents of Hurst will consider the responses from all the candidates. I am available by phone, text, and email to provide additional information. I have appreciated the opportunity to listen and serve the citizens of Hurst since 2018 and am committed to continuing those efforts if re-elected.
Estoy agradecido por las excelentes asociaciones que disfrutamos en Hurst. Nuestros distritos escolares son increíbles y nuestros maestros son héroes ya que se han adaptado a la situación del COVID-19 este año escolar. Estoy muy agradecido por el trabajo de nuestros hospitales y proveedores de atención médica locales. Nuestras ciudades del noreste del condado de Tarrant trabajan juntas para beneficiar a nuestra comunidad, la clínica de vacunación COVID-19 en el Centro de Conferencias en Hurst es un gran ejemplo de ese trabajo en equipo. Nuestros socios e iglesias sin fines de lucro brindan una gran ayuda. Es genial estar involucrado con tantas personas que están trabajando por lo mejor para nuestra comunidad.
Agradezco la oportunidad de considerar algunas buenas preguntas y dar mis respuestas. Espero que los residentes de Hurst consideren las respuestas de todos los candidatos. Estoy disponible por teléfono, mensaje de texto y correo electrónico para brindar información adicional. Aprecio la oportunidad de escuchar y servir a los ciudadanos de Hurst desde 2018 y estoy comprometido a continuar esos esfuerzos si soy reelegido.